Kinzo's Furniture Warehouse

It is quiet here at the Ushiromiya household. The rain is hitting the windows, I guess the storm is already here.

The adults are discussing their distribution of their inheritance, while the children are playing card games. Shannon is with them, I don’t want to be in the room with them.

October 4th, Beatrice’s date of her sacrifices. I wonder who will be chosen first this time.

While I am waiting for the impending deaths of everyone on the island, I quietly do my work. Polishing the silver wear and sweeping the floors.

I’m sorry everyone I have failed you as furniture.


I haven’t updated in a while because things have been busy around the Ushiromiya household. Kraus-sama has many business partners coming to talk over investments, and that’s all I can write about that. I am usually asked to leave the room when I have presented them with food. Shannon knows more than me because she serves tea after their dinner, but she refuses to tell me what is going on. Also my master has been restless lately with his screaming about Beatrice. I think Genji-san is giving him too much absinthe. But I will hopefully fulfill my duty as furniture in the near future and present you with more pictures of myself.

Ladies and Gentlemen, kicking Kanon off of the table.

Ladies and Gentlemen, kicking Kanon off of the table.

Anonymous said: why do you think you are furniture?

Because I was made to be furniture for my master.


Thank you for thinking that I am more than furniture. But I am furniture, not human.

lazydaybear said: Was there ever a time in your life when you weren't furniture?

I was always furniture. From the time I was born to the time I die. There was a brief period of a day or two in which I thought I was no longer furniture, but I was wrong.

Anonymous said: Did you make any friends today? Meet a sexy piece of furniture that you like?

I saw a new chair today that was giving me the eye to sit on her. But furniture, like me, does not have a libido and can’t find other furniture to be sexy.

winternightdog said: So what did you learn about furnituring today?

I learned that I need to be reupholstered soon…